Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica 

is the continuation of Acta cytobiologica et morphologica

Vol 1 No 1 (1989): Acta Cytobiologica et Morphologica

Myelination and Demyelination

ISSN 0861-0509

Acta cytobiologica et morphologica publishes original and review articles in the following sections:
Section A — Cell Biology: 1. Cellular and Molecular Genetics; 2. Cellular and Molecular Immunology; 3. Neurobiology; 4. Structure and Metabolism of the Cells; 5. Cell Kinetics and Differentiation; 6. Cell Pathology; 7. Molecular Embryology.
Section B — Anthropology: 1. Paleoanthropology and Paleopathology; 2. Molecular Anthropology; 3. Seroanthropology and Population Genetics; 4. Physical Development and Constitution.

Published: 1989-12-01

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